Men’s Sizing

Small: 5-6

Medium: 6-8

Large: 8-11

XL: 11-13

Woman's Sizing

Small: 4.5-6

Medium: 6-9

Large: 9-12


-94% Polyester / 6% Spandex 4 way Stretch 1 Sided Brushed Polyester

- Designed to be used ‘next-to-skin’ as a first layer ** FOR SENSITIVE FEET** wear thin athletic sock as first layer under SockPro. -Seams can irritate soft feet-


Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 10 in

Small ,  XL

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Patti M.
I Always Get Cold Feet

My feet are ALWAYS cold when the temp drops (and I live in L.A.) so clearly drastic measures had to be taken while staying at my vacation property in WA state. I crossed my cold fingers (haven't bought Fortress gloves yet) and purchased a pair of SockPro.
Temp was in the 40's and my "waterproof" hiking boots failed and my feet got soaking wet. My feet weren't really warm, but they weren't the least bit cold. Kind of hard to describe, but my feet just felt damp after being wet for an hour hike in the mid 40's.
Same trip (and temp) wore my SockPro under my lightweight summer shoes (as it wasn't raining and I wanted to test the socks yet again) while cycling and my feet stayed warm. Bravo Fortress :)

Robert Carrillo
Socks pro work and they’re durable.

I’ve been looking forward to these socks for a while. I finally got a chance to use them and they are warm and comfortable. A concern I had was how durable that are. So far they’ve held up and not fallen apart. I use them with my motorcycle boots and for cold country hiking and they have added a layer of comfort and warmth I was missing. I highly recommend these socks. You will not be sorry.

Fidelity Mortgage, Inc ATTN: Jeff Vaughn
Amazing warmth, fit & comfort!

Love them, mens size 11 Large fit perfect! No issues with seems at ALL - Comfy

Michael Luangvija
Most Practical and Best Design

I literally own every offered by Fortress, I'm not paid to review the clothing. Being an extreme outdoorsman and just generally using the gear for work, everyday use.

Socks Pro is extremely comfortable and Fortress does a great job on the Website explaining how it should be worn. Warm and can get wet without worry. Original Design. Try it on and no other feeling can replace it.

Fortress also has reliable customer service. Without even asking they have provided free gifts with orders. For example Free pair of socks and Beanie in separate orders. They really know how to please. Which is why this review is properly written.

Todd Hailstone
Sides to cold

Lots to love about them, but, one big problem. The sides don't have the insulation. My feet and ankles get cold. Have to wear wool socks to keep the cold out. They should have insulation all the way around them. I would buy them again once this is fixed.

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