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Hybrid Hoodie by Fortress Clothing keeps this guy warm on Mt. Everest

“Thanks for a great product.  Here’s a photo of me in my Fortress Hybrid Hoodie at Everest Base Camp in front of the Khumbu ice flow.”

We have been receiving more and more feed back from the Hybrid Hoodie, we are happy to say that those that have used theirs in the cold weather have been very happy with it. Our insulation is designed for all types of weather, and the Hybrid Hoodie’s moisture control system is better than any other system on the market. We are confident that our products will allow you to enjoy the colder months more than ever!

Using patented AERIS 205 technology, our Fortress Hybrid Hoodie 2.0 keeps you warm, even when temperatures plummet to -5 degrees F as they do on Mt. Everest and even when you get WET! The wearer can stay warm even if they sweat, encounter rain or snow, and more. The Hybrid Hoodie 2.0 is a combo of the warmth of the Classic Jacket with the lightweight hoodie style.

The 2.0 is updated with a raglan sleeve, giving the wearer a better range of motion AND more coverage of the neck area with an internal zipper flap so it can provide full coverage from the elements all the way up to the chin.

Check out the new Hybrid Hoodie 2.0 here!