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BasePro 1/4 Zip

(10 customer reviews)


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  • Light-weight, breathable
  • Layer with the shadow jacket -35˚F to 50˚F
  • Comfortable between temps of -5°F to 70°F with an uninsulated shell.
  • Designed to be used ‘next-to-skin’ as a first layer, with the addition of another layer as needed for any condition.

-94% Polyester / 6% Spandex 4 way Stretch 1 Sided Brushed Polyester


  • Maintains Warmth, Even When Wet  (AERIS 250 Insulation Technology (¼” / 6mm of loft)
  • Reinforced Stitching
  • Unrestrictive Full Range of Motion
  • Light-weight, almost feels like nothing on at all
  • First Layer for All Activities
  • Reflective Fortress Logo at Front Left Chest and Center Back neck
Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in

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10 reviews for BasePro 1/4 Zip

  1. Gregory yankelovich (verified owner)

    I Sail on San Francisco Bay which can be very cold. This kept me warm all day. It is lightweight and allows me to move about easily. I highly recommend and we’ll be getting the pants also.

  2. 4BertF

    Very warm my husband likes it a lot, but it fits very, very tight. He fits everything in a large with room to spare except this shirt which is exceptionally snug!

  3. Greg (verified owner)

    Wow! It really is different. I am bald and once I shaved my head I had to wear a ski hat in the house during the winter. Not anymore. You literally feel a difference within minutes of putting it on. Tried it on the ski slopes. I usually wear 3 layers plus my heavy ski jacket even if 50 degrees out. It was 50 degrees and I just had a light silk undershirt plus this (people think it looks cool by the way) and was completely warm. So thrilled about the technology, I bought the mittens. Excited that my harsh winter ski trips will be much more comfortable. Folks, it really works. Note, the sizes run small. Had to return my normal size of small to get a medium. The medium is tight but works. Telling all my ski buddies about it.

  4. Kevin Szymczak (verified owner)

    Wanted this as soon as I saw it on Shark Tank. It delivers just as shown on show. Comfortable, great for early season golf, fits great. It oes run a tad small so go up one size. Could not be happier with this product. Gtting one for my father in law. And another one for me.

  5. Steve (verified owner)

    Great product but did need to exchange L for an XL. I’m 5’8 175 and it was too tight. The sizing chart may work if you have a regular slim build. If you have an athletic/muscular build definitely order up one size – they are tight. I got the small for my 15 year old son – he thought it was much ‘cooler’ than a sweatshirt or fleece.

  6. Mike L

    Great used as baselayer, I can wear goretex over this. Its Perfect for all weather. I usually wear alone, jump out of warm truck, and able to stay warm in windy weather around 30 degrees. does fit snug for me.

  7. Bradley Scobel (verified owner)

    All, I’m going to start off by saying that I very rarely take the time to write reviews. I am making an exception in this case because these products as well as the company deserve it. I purchased three items, a BasePro 1/4 zip, and extreme jacket and gloves. I used all three items over New Years on a ski trip. And please understand, as I am getting older (in my 50’s now), I seem to be cold ALL THE TIME. It could be 75 degrees out and I would probably feel chilled!

    The Company: I dealt with Dale from Fortress and I have to say that this is simply a company that you want to do business with. I had some sizing issues, and Dale worked with me on 4 separate occasions to make things right. You could tell that he was genuinely concerned as to my satisfaction and was willing to do whatever he could to make sure I was satisfied. While the gear itself is important, to me, the willingness of a company to stand behind its product is just about as important. As to this, Fortress Clothing gets an A+. I am actually planning on purchasing more items simply because this is the type of company I want to do business with!

    The Gear: I have to say that I had pretty high expectations of this gear and I was not disappointed. The truth is that the insulation works, and works well. Now, while I’m sure, many people could put this on, sit in a hunting blind and be cozy all day, that is not me. As long as I was active (generating some body heat), I was toasty regardless of the 15 degree F temps. If I was standing around doing absolutely nothing, I can’t say I was toasty warm, but it was certainly tolerable (and remember, I’m ALWAYS cold, so that is actually very high praise. It also should be noted that the same is true even though I was wearing a lot less clothing than I would normally wear. One day (when it was sunny) I wore a very thin polyester/silk-ish base layer, the BasePro 1/4 zip and my ski jacket. I was toasty all day. The next day it was colder and completely overcast. That day I wore my polyester base layer, the Extreme Jacket and my ski jacket. Again, as long as I was generating some body heat, I was toasty. If I was just sitting around that day, after about 15 minutes, I might have felt a little chill, but it was still far better than I would have felt in my normal layers. What I did not try was the Base Pro and the Extreme Jacket at the same time (was just a weekend trip), but I’m guessing, that would have kept me toasty even if inactive.

    The Gloves: Again, the gloves also worked very well, no complaints at all. Very well made and warm. While the other gear was clearly superior to my normal kit, I would say the gloves worked as well (if not slightly better) then a pair of Hestra gloves I have which literally cost twice as much. Even though I’m a glove guy, I’m sure if I would have had the mittens, I would be even happier.

    In conclusion, The Company as, well as its products, are wonderful. They work they way they say they do, and if you are not happy for some reason, these guys will treat you with respect and work with you to figure out the best way to keep you happy. Are these items magic? No, they are not. Are they better than what you are probably using now? Most likely, yes. I have absolutely no regrets and highly recommend both the company and its products.

  8. Tom Perry (verified owner)

    Fortress BasePro ¼ zip Review:
    Further proof that our phones and computers are always listening to us, I saw a Facebook add shortly after complaining about the amount of sweat I produce while hiking, and the implications of sweating during Winter hikes in the White Mountains. Lo and behold, I scroll past an ad for Fortress All Weather Gear. Ever dubious of Facebook I thought “yeah right, warm when wet?”. Not one to be ignored, the ad continued to haunt every interaction with Facebook. Ok…
    I checked out the page, read about the Aeris 250 insulation and remembered my last two experiences with the stumbles and mumbles of early hypothermia. I’m not going to stop hiking, and I’m certainly not going to stop sweating, so what do I have to lose? $139.99. Oh. Hmmmm…. maybe it’s easier to travel with my backpack haberdashery and change out my shirts more frequently?
    Skynet being Skynet, upon revisiting the site I was offered 25% off, dropping the price to $104.99 and putting it in range of another Smartwool 250 Merino shirt. I bought it. After it arrived, I opened the package, careful to keep it in returnable condition, and tried it on. Had it come with a pointy eared cowl and cape, I would just have needed spiked gloves, tights and a utility belt to be the next Batman. I packaged it back up and went back to hiking in merino, planning to return Batman’s shirt.
    My wife noticed that it was hanging around and asked if I was having second thoughts. I was. I started making excuses for why I wasn’t trying it out, offering excuses such as “Jackson’s too short”, “it’s not really that cold out”, and “this just isn’t the right hike”. Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and put it to the test on a Wildcat traverse from 19 Mile Brook and down Polecat at the Wildcat ski area, and I think I’m glad I did. The weather at the trailhead was about 10 degrees to start, forecasted to hit about 25 at the summit with a 0 to 5 mph breeze. The weather didn’t stray far from the forecast, as confirmed on our Kestrel anemometer/thermometer.
    The BasePro is intended to be a base layer and was all I was wearing on top. Normally on a day like this I wear a 150 or 250 merino shirt, a fleece vest, 250 wool tights and shorts, and I did notice that while standing there waiting for the others to finish futzing with their packs I was quite warm with the addition of a synthetic hat, neck gaiter and mittens. We started up 19 Mile Brook and didn’t stop for longer than a minute or two until the junction of the Carter Dome Trail. That’s when I noticed that although the shirt itself is quite warm, the single layer of the uninsulated lower arms can get cool when not moving. I was not cold, and my hands stayed warm, but I was glad we got moving again after some snacks, chats and hydration.
    We switched to snowshoes at the junction of the Wildcat Ridge Trail and went on up. Shockingly, I was not aware of being cold or wet during the steep .7 up to Wildcat A, and stayed comfortable all along the ridge to Wildcat D. We took about a 10-minute break on the platform at Wildcat D, and there was slight 5 mph breeze that prompted me to add another synthetic shirt over the BasePro, mainly to add another layer to my lower arms. We proceeded down the Polecat ski trail and back to the parking lot.
    When we got back to the Glen House my wife asked for a review, which I made participatory by requesting her help getting the BasePro off. Although it was a bit damp, once we wriggled me free of it, I was shocked to be remarkably dry beneath it! Also, even in the warmth of the car and the room, I wasn’t hot. It did seem to perform as advertised. 10 to 25 degrees, slight breeze and about 5.5 hours of moving across 9 miles and 3300 feet of elevation and I don’t recall feeling cold or sweaty, aside from the usual routine of glove and mitten changes for my hands.
    About the BasePro. I’m 5’ 11” and (currently) 176 pounds. I ordered my usual size, a Large, and although I do feel it’s the correct size, especially as a base layer, it’s not perfect. The sleeves are a bit too short for my arms, and the padding in and around the shoulders is odd to get into, requiring some fidgeting to get to fit right. Longer sleeves with thumbholes would be a nice option. The shirt is a bit long and I was unsure of whether to leave it out over my shorts, or to tuck it in. I decided to tuck it in and that was the right decision. Tucked in the shirt stayed put even with the padding around the waistline, and never rode up from movement, scramble reaches, etc…
    What I liked:
    • It performed as advertised. I stayed warm and dry start to finish with a 10 degree start temperature.
    • It stayed tucked in (which I would recommend).
    • The ¼ zip allowed for venting during the steepest snowshoe climbs.
    • I did not overheat when making up time across the flat parts of the trails, or in the car and the hotel.
    What I didn’t like:
    • It’s sort of a tight fit and a little hard to get on and off. My bad shoulder didn’t help.
    • My lower arms didn’t get unbearably cold, but that was noticeably the coldest part of the shirt.
    • It does look like a Batman costume.
    • The padding along the waist gives me much more of a beer belly than I have.
    • The price.
    Would I recommend it?
    Yes. Although I still need to see how it performs in some wind, especially above tree line, I always carry a hooded down puffy and hard shell anyway. My first impression is very good, and I’d give it a B+ mainly because of the lower arms being short and the lower arm fabric not being insulated. Other than that, I stayed dry, I stayed warm and my initial skepticism has turned completely around.

  9. Mike (verified owner)

    My name is Brian T. I have purchased 2 basepro tops and a bottom. I work outside at night, 6-7days a week. I have no shelter to go into. The job site is in northern Indiana. Since I have received the basepro set. My comfort level has increased substantial. I stay warm! I wear jeans and a hoodie as my outer layer. The product just works period. I served in the USMC, in a counter terrorism team. I’ve spent much of my life outdoors. My only regret is not finding Fortress clothing sooner. If you are on the fence about purchasing a set. Buy now, you will have no regrets. The customer service is world class. In closing, I believe the military should issue Fortress. The troops deserve the best we can give them. Thank you GOD BLESS

  10. beckserr1 (verified owner)

    I’m not the kind of person that writes reviews for products, but I’ve been so impressed with the Fortress BasPro that I bought a second one for myself, one for my son and one for my boss. As far as I’m concerned, the BasPro is the best way to conquer winter temperatures, period. If you have to spend time in the cold, do yourself a favor and put Fortress in your corner.

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