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BasePro Pant

(10 customer reviews)


Insulated base layer 

  • Light-weight, nonrestrictive, breathable
  • Temps of -5°F to 70°F with a pant shell
  • Designed to be used ‘next-to-skin’ as a first layer, with the addition of another layer as needed for the conditions
  • Patented AERIS 250 (¼”/6mm of loft)
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  • Light-weight, breathable
  • Wear with your favorite snow pants or work or casual pants
  • Comfortable between temps of -5°F to 70°F with an uninsulated cover or wear insulated pants to be extra warm.
  • Designed to be used ‘next-to-skin’ as a first layer, with the addition of another layer for any condition.

-94% Polyester / 6% Spandex 4 way Stretch 1 Sided Brushed Polyester


– Use, in Core areas, of Patented AERIS™ 250 Insulation Technology (¼” / 6mm of loft) Maintains Warmth, Even When Wet.
– Reinforced Stitching
– Covered Elastic Waist Band with Drawcord Adjustment
– Lightweight, almost feels like nothing on at all
– First Layer for All Activities
Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in

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10 reviews for BasePro Pant

  1. Gilbert

    I have to say that these are an excellent product, yesterday I tried the basepro pants when I went snowshoeing, the temperature was around – 4 degree F and I was quite comfortable, by the way I was also using the hoodie 1.0, the regular mittens and the HotSox in an old pair of Canadian armed forces mukluk, so I’m glad I bought those Items too.

    From Canada

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    I took my family skiing in CO and three of four of us wore the BasePro Pant and the Top. I wore the crew neck BasePro Top which eliminated the need for another layer of either a turtleneck or a different clothing article to keep my neck warm and dry. I wore a Marmot Androo Jacket, a minimal insulated shell, over my BasePro to keep the wind out. One daughter wore a Hybrid Hoodie 1.0 with it and the temp regulated with the Base Pro; another daughter wore a goosedown jacket but was hot. Once she shed the goosedown for a soft shell, she was fine. Our activity temps ranged from -4 to 8 degrees F at night and 4 to 23 degrees F in the day. Those of us that wore the Fortress we were warm and comfortable always even as the temps increased. The only time we were overly warm was inside the condo in the morning as we were preparing for the day. The one that did not wear the Fortress Clothing wished she had it. The early remark was that it made her look fat. The others said “who cares – we just needed one layer and a shell and didn’t have to shed or add as the weather changed. Easy to get ready in the morning.”

    I’d love to see a later version of the Base Pro be thinner. I would also like to see the sleeves on the Top come down just a bit further.

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    I’m a production manager in a meat processing plant. I bought the base pro 1/4 zip top for me to try at work. I was amazed at how well it worked and told my pack room supervisor about the shirt. She had me order it for her and was highly impressed and asked me to order the base pro pants for her. I ordered them for her and again she was highly impressed and told one of her friends there who also wanted the pants. She is completely satisfied with them and as word of mouth gets around the company I’m sure there will be more orders placed.

  4. Chris L Bolkan (verified owner)

    This stuff is AMAZING! I was introduced to it watching Shark Tank and I knew immediately I had to have some. I am an avid barefoot water skier, white water kayaker, and snow skier in the Pacific Northwest. The shoulder seasons can be cold here, and winter is well…winter. I first thought these under layers would be PERFECT under my drysuit when I kayak, so I bought a base pro crew and bottoms. I could not believe the difference in comfort. The biggest improvement was that no other combination of long underwear, fleece and neoprene under the drysuit could keep me comfortable for as long. If I put too much of my normal solutions on I would start out overheated, then sweat then chill. When I wear the Fortress gear I start out warm but not too warm and stay comfortable for hours longer than any other combination of insulating layers. If it is really cold, I just throw a medium weight underwear top over it for an additional layer over my forearms. I may end up just getting a pair of those cycling arm insulators instead of bothering with the additional long underwear layer to better insulate my forearms. That said they did the right thing not insulating the forearms. When I use this gear under my barefoot drysuit, there is no need for forearms to be insulated. and the gear is perfect as-is. I am warm and comfortable in the boat between runs while my partner gets chilled wearing a fleece one-piece suit under his drysuit. Again the amazing thing is how much LONGER I can remain comfortable compared to any other under-layer combinations under the drysuits. I recently bought a second set (the 1/4 zip T) to use for snow skiing. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but from my experience with this gear under both breathable and non-breathable drysuits, it is going to be the best insulating layers I have ever worn under my shells. I will be shredding the freshies long after everyone is frozen out. Guaranteed. I am not saying this is everyman’s underwear, but if you are frequently in the cold, where you are both active and sweating and alternately not so active over long periods of time, NOTHING will keep you more comfortable or for as long. Nothing. This gear sells itself. All I can say is if you are introduced to it, and you do the kinds of activities where it will benefit, you will just know. I am just writing this so if you have any doubts about the technology or effectiveness…..don’t. It’s the bomb!

  5. Mike L

    I keep my house cool, wife #2 and her son always were cold. Recently, had weight loss surgery, wife has hot flashes. I was the cold one. Put these on, instant warm up. No sweating, No shivering. Haven’t used outside yet. I am sure it will be fine under jeans.

  6. Christian (verified owner)

    I really like wearing the Base Pant. In strong wind and cold, the pants keeps me warm. I ordered me 2 weeks ago a 2nd for the winter. Thank you Fortress team for the awesome pants.

  7. Olin (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the basepro pant and quarterzip base layer with the gloves primarily for winter riding on a motorcycle. but wanted gear I could also use at work and other places instead of heated gear. after tested the gear in moderately cold weather I liked it well enough to get the shadow jacket as well.
    I finally got a chance to really test the gear. I took a two day ride of short duration for the test. the ride was four hours each way. day one, was dry in 36 degree temps. I had basepro pant and jacket next to my skin with jeans and a cotton long sleeve shirt over them. then I put shadow jacket over that and finally leathers to block the wind. I used the gloves in this trip as well. wind chill was calculated at around 17 degrees at speed. I was comfortable warm for the entire trip.
    Day 2 was a much harsher test. 32 degrees in heavy snow/rain. I dressed the same as day 1. (I didn’t put on the rain suit foolishly because I wanted to really see if the warm when wet claim was valid) as for my core, I remained both warm and dry. at trips end my leather jacket was completely saturated and the outer shadow jacket felt wet but the inside felt dry and warm to the touch. great job. my pants were completely soaked as well as the basepro pant. but my legs never got cold. ( the legs could feel the chill after getting wet but never really cold as you riders know should have happened.) another great job. if I had put on the rain suit I would have been warm and dry. finally the gloves. day 1 had been warm the entire trip. day 2 however, my hands began to feel cold about two the three hours into the trip. this was due to the gloves becoming completely soaked through. my thoughts are two fold. one, it is amazing that being soaked they still kept my hands from freezing for so long. at the end my finger tips were cold and my thumbs were numb. again you riders know that is not bad at all. Two, if the gloves were water proof I feel they would be the perfect riding glove. next time I’ll put a bread sack over them maybe.

  8. Kerris German (verified owner)

    Very warm and comfortable product, no issues and works as advertised.

  9. Mike (verified owner)

    My name is Brian T. I have purchased 2 basepro tops and a bottom. I work outside at night, 6-7days a week. I have no shelter to go into. The job site is in northern Indiana. Since I have received the basepro set. My comfort level has increased substantial. I stay warm! I wear jeans and a hoodie as my outer layer. The product just works period. I served in the USMC, in a counter terrorism team. I’ve spent much of my life outdoors. My only regret is not finding Fortress clothing sooner. If you are on the fence about purchasing a set. Buy now, you will have no regrets. The customer service is world class. In closing, I believe the military should issue Fortress. The troops deserve the best we can give them. Thank you GOD BLESS

  10. Mike (verified owner)

    The base pro pants fit perfect, aside from being a little baggy from the knees down, and I loved them. Warm and really comfortable! And the socks fit too! I was sure they would be too big but they are perfect too. I’m so glad I found Fortress and that you make sizes that fit me. I spend a lot of time outdoors and it gets down to -30˚F or so here in North Dakota. My Fortress layers make layering to go out so much easier!
    Thanks for your help.
    Mary Vivona

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