Balaclava (FR)


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  • Patented AERIS 500 (½” / 13mm of loft) Technology, a revolutionary patented insulation Technology that keeps you warm, even if it gets wet!
    Designed using a 7oz knit CarbonX fire-resistant liner on the inside and a 12oz woven CarbonX fire-resistant exterior shell.
  • -35°F to 50°F (when worn with the Classic pant & jacket).

Our unique design allows the chin strap to adjust below the chin, over the nose for increased warmth or behind the neck. Our balaclava is built with a wind skirt, that tucks into the jacket to eliminate any breeze to your body. Whether you believe you lose 10% or 40% of your body heat through your head, a Fortress Balaclava will change your life.

Balaclava (FR)
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