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The Fortress Hybrid Hoodie 2.0 uses patented AERIS 250 (¼” / 6mm of loft) technology. a revolutionary patented insulation Technology that keeps you warm, even if it gets wet!
Tested in severe weather conditions, the technology behind Fortress is unmatched, and capable of staying warm, as the wearer perspires, encounters snowy or rainy conditions, and much more.
An updated version of our original Hybrid hoodie, where we combined the warmth of our Classic Jacket with a lightweight hoodie style and created a Hoodie that you’ll use almost year-round. Built using a Polyester Mesh lining that helps pull moisture and sweat away from the body. The outer fabric is a wind resistant Polyester Micro Rip-Stop Taffeta with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish which repels light rain and snow and decreases dry times. Able to keep you warm and comfortable from -5°F to 70°F without the need for adding or removing additional insulation layers, even during the coldest conditions.
We have updated the Hybrid Hoodie 2.0 with a raglan sleeve, for a better range of motion. We have increased the coverage at the front neck to now cover up to the chin with an internal zipper flap to help keep the cold out when used in High Wind activities or environments. The Hoodie has rib knit cuffs and hem to help lock out the cold as well.

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– Patented AERIS 250 Insulation Technology (¼” / 6mm of loft) Maintains Warmth, Even When Wet.
– Exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio
– Full Dual Head YKK Center Front Zipper Zips Up to the Chin
– internal Zipper Flap
– Insulated Hand Pockets
– Outside Left Chest Zipper Pocket
– Internal Right Chest Zipper Pocket
– Adjustable Draw Cord at Hood Opening
– Rib Knit Cuffs and Body Hem
– Wind Resistant
– Reflective Fortress Logo at Front Left Chest

– 100% Polyester Mesh Lining
– 100% Polyester Micro Rip-Stop Taffeta with DWR Finish

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8 reviews for Hybrid Hoodie 2.0

  1. sight2020 (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product!!! The recent storm storm was the perfect test, 45 mph winds and 12 degrees F, after hours of snow shoveling I was warm, comfortable and dry. Wind and cold — no problem

  2. Cortney

    I have been all over the world in the coldest places on the planet, and the one piece of equipment that I take with me on every one of these trips is my hybrid hoodie. I know I’m safe with it and there is a certain amount of safety I have when I go out on adventures. Thanks for making such an awesome jacket

  3. Robert Tanis (verified owner)

    The Hybrid Hoodie 2.0 is an amazing jacket. Love the light weight. Wish the hood could zip off or at least fold to become
    a coller. Use the jacket every winter day when walking (cardiologist order) or shoveling snow in New England. Cannot go back to my 25 year-old heavy Patagonia coat. Hope the Fortress coat holds up as well as the Patagonia did. Miss the fancier yellow fortress stitched label that was on the earlier model.

    Would highly recommend.

  4. J Pembroke

    It does keep you warm if its not windy but it has a major flaw. The wind blows through the seams around the arms and where the pockets are stitched on to the jacket. I have to say I am a bit disappointed with the performance.

  5. Richard Brownsdon

    For me, the jacket was generally good, but had two problems. One, it didn’t zip up high enough to really cover the neck, and that was a real problem on cold windy days in canada. Problem two was that the bottom zipper would bounce right on my crotch when I was wearing it! Not very convenient on cold walks. I got the one from the Kickstarter campaign in 2016, so it sounds like they have updated since then. Wish I could swap mine for an updated version!

  6. Grizzly92

    I have been using my Hybrid Hoodie every day this fall/winter season. It’s true value was experienced on the night I had to stand out in the pouring rain in temperatures of low 40’s. My jacket was absolutely soaked but I remained warm and dry. I got home, hung the jacket up and the next day it was dry with no indication of the abuse it took the night before. A snap closure up around the neck could be helpful, but I love this jacket and highly recommend it.

  7. Lanny Smith (verified owner)

    I really wanted this to be the hoodie of my dreams and in many ways it was. It does as advertised keep you very warm. It does breath well when hiking hard. The problem comes in durability/quality. I wore this hoodie on an elk hunt in Idaho in 2018 for 8 days and then while stand hunting in New York and Vermont for 15 more days. This fall, 2019, I wore it for 3 days on another elk hunt in Idaho. I was so excited about this hoodie that I bought another one and decided that my first one would be my winter coat. So I wore it to drive to Oregon from Idaho to visit my son and family. On my way back through Idaho towards home I discovered that the left elbow was wearing through! The only abuse that the hoodie has seen was my resting on the armrest of my truck. If the hoodie was updated with sleeve “patches” or something to make it durable to help it last more than 27 days, it would be my dream coat. As it is, I can’t afford to buy a new one every year. I’m now very worried about having recommended this hoodie to so many others and on so many of the forums that I am on.

    Sorry but I can’t recommend this to anyone because of it’s poor quality/durability.

  8. Tatiana Smith

    This hibryd hoodie 2.0 was an answer to prayer for me! I got polio as a child and because of this, suffer from extreme sensitivity to cold. So when a friend loaned me hers to try out for a week, I was hooked! I literally don’t feel cold wherever the jacket covers me, and if there is a strong cold wind, I just pull the hoodie over my head and I’m perfect. I was very excited to get my own, and even got it on sale! I’ve had it for about 2 years now and I never leave home without it in the cold weather. Thank you so much for making such an awesome product! I just hope someday you will also have the 1/4 inch hybrid in pants and then my lower body will be safe and warm too. 😊

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