Fortress Clothing Sizing Chart

We have developed easy-to-use sizing charts for each item please refer to them when you have selected the item or items that you are shopping for in the shopping tab.

How to Measure

Mittens (With an open hand, wrap measuring tape around largest knuckles. DO NOT include the thumb, THEN close hand to a fist and take the measurement.

HotSox (HotSox are sized by the exact measurement of the foot (in stocking or bare feet) from the
heel to the end of your longest toe. Select a size below based on the exact inches of your foot
on the measuring tape.
If you are between the size or right on a size, we suggest you go up to the next size for comfort.
(ie. your foot measures exactly 10 inches, go up to a 10.5 HotSox.)

Outer Shells (Choose same size as you would for a coat or jacket)

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