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Why are the winter clothes and workwear by Fortress different?

The patented Fortress winter clothes and workwear technology provides 3 uniquely significant benefits:

1- Keeps you warm when wet.

2- Provides an unusually large comfort spectrum based on model.

3- Is lightweight, as all of the insulated Fortress winter clothes and garments utilize the AERIS insulation, which has naturally occurring air pockets, providing a greater weight disbursement.

How do you wear Fortress winter clothes and workwear?

Individuals will choose different wearing patterns. All of our base and mid-layer garments perform best when worn close to the skin. Individual preferences may dictate.

Can I wear clothing underneath the BasePro or Classic?

You may, but typically performance of our patented winter clothes is diminished as you add layers underneath.

Can I wear clothing over the Classic?

Our Classic pant & jacket lines are designed to be worn with an outershell. Your choice, from a sweatshirt to a waterproof shell.

What happens if I sweat while wearing Fortress Gear?

Perspiration is the largest contributor to COLD in the outdoors, but we’ve solved this problem! Stay active and your body heat will drive the moisture away from your body. Warm & wet simultaneously; the NEW SCIENCE!

If I overheat (get too hot) what should I do?

Ventilate! Unzip and ventilate.

How do you care for Fortress Gear?

All Fortress winter clothes items are machine washable. We suggest washing in cold water and HANG DRY as the preferred method.

Can I wear the ‘HotSox’ outside? (like a boot).

You can, but they are SOCKS, designed for home use or as a boot liner (in larger boots).

Why are there “slits” on the sides of your Classic jacket?

The ‘Slits’, when combined with the double zipper allow you to wear the jacket and sit without the discomfort of a bulging chest area.

Why doesn’t the Classic jacket have a collar/hood?

Specifically designed as a mid-layer, when wearing an outer shell, your neck isn’t locked with 2 layers of collars.

Are the mittens for Work?

Nope, our mittens are built for warmth, and can be used recreationally

What’s the difference between the regular and rugged mittens?

Both are equally warm, with AERIS 500 insulation, but the Rugged mittens include a slipknot fabric in the palm and wrist cuffs & adjustment.

How is it I can wear Fortress in -30F comfortably and wear the same jacket in 50F without becoming uncomfortable?

Breathability! Fortress has redefined breathability! We try to explain, but once you own it, it becomes self-evident!

Does Fortress carry a Kids’ line?

Yes. Our kids’ winter clothes line includes snow pants with AERIS 500 insulation and a Kids Jacket with ¼” insulation in the sleeves and ½” insulation in the body. With our cold weather clothing technology, your kids will enjoy the snow without cumbersome layers and sweat!

How do I Exchange or Return products?

See the Exchange and Return policy here.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We primarily ship via USPS, priority. This provides shipping in the USA within 6 days. International orders vary by country.

What are your shipping rates?

As you input your order, the shipping rates will appear prior to charging your credit card.

Can I get same day delivery?Do you ship internationally?

Yes, everywhere except USA restricted countries.

How do I track my order?

The tracking number is included with the email, once your order is processed.

Where do I apply a promotional code, gift card or merchandise credit to my order?

During checkout the ‘promotional code’ opportunity will be offered.

Is the website secure?

Yes, our website is secure and features an SSL certificate which stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”. It’s a cryptographic protocol that provides communication security between servers and browsers. In other words, when our customer visits the website and enters private information (ie: a credit card number, password, or address) an SSL certificate ensures that it travels safely from you to us and only the intended recipient sees the information.

How do I know which size to purchase?

It’s easy to find the right fit! See the Fortress Clothing “Sizing Chart” here.
If you are still unsure, contact our service team:
Call Us: 1-855-487-9276
Email Us: info@fortressclothing.com

How does Fortress measure chest size?

To determine chest size, measure the circumference around the chest underneath the arms.

Do your pants have different fits?

We offer a traditional, original fit in our Classic pants. The BasePro is designed to be snug, but not too tight.

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