4 Years In The Making: Us Patent - Fortress Clothing
It is with great excitement that we announce that on August 15th 2017 the US Patent Office in Washington D.C. issued our parent company, Work Warm LLC. Patent # 9730479 B2. It has been a long 4 years and sometimes bumpy road to get here. There is much celebrating taking place with all those involved in bringing this to light. The issuing of this grants Fortress Clothing full patent protection for use of the AERIS Inside™ insulation in all articles of clothing, headwear, gloves/mittens and footwear and protects our unique construction and features found only in Fortress Clothing apparel. Why should you be celebrating with us and what does this mean to you, the consumer? It means that you can trust, even more, the quality products that Fortress Clothing is providing to you and know that it is backed with technology that works. It also means that you are protected from others who want to offer low budget knock offs that will not meet the required standards to perform and truly keep you warm and comfortable in all cold weather environments, even if wet.