BasePro Tee - Fortress Clothing
BasePro Tee - Fortress Clothing
BasePro Tee - Fortress Clothing
BasePro Tee - Fortress Clothing

BasePro Tee

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Wear Alone: The BasePro Tee is ideal in temperatures between 15°F to 70°F. For more warmth, layer with an insulated jacket or coat when temperatures drop below 10°F

Model stats: 6'1", 205lbs, wearing a large.


-88% Polyester / 12% Brushed Spandex 4 way Stretch


  • Maintains warmth wet/dry; AERIS™ 250 (¼"/6mm); Reinforced stitching; Unrestrictive; Lightweight; First layer for all activities; Reflective logos.


Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in

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Patented Technology

About our brand

"With Fortress, you can wear less layers of clothing, and have less weight with a more dynamic temperature range. You can go from it being 50 degrees and jump into frozen Arctic water and have it be 20 degrees or 30 degrees outside and still feel comfortable.
-- Outdoor Media Company Owner

Outdoor Documentary Filmmaker


"The Fortress base layer was a game-changer. It allowed us to film on days that we normally wouldn't have been able to and we could stay out in the cold longer than the camera equipment could handle. That's when I was really sold on it. The battery life in our camera gear couldn’t keep up with Fortress. This is next-level stuff."

No Cold Chills!

"With other clothing, if you exert yourself at all and start sweating, you get cold. Fortress is incredibly unique. When you get wet, you stay warm.”
-- Outdoor Enthusiast



"I get tired of putting layers on and taking them off again. Fortress is
insulating and breathable at the same time, so it keeps you comfortable at a
wider range of temperatures -- even if you're exerting yourself and sweating
in the cold."
-- Peter Smith

Mt. Pleasant Ut

All of the planning, preparation and time it takes to play outdoors is totally worth
it – except when someone gets cold and you have to call it a day. Staying
warm, even when you’re soaking wet, allows you to continue to hunt, fish, camp and ride without having to sacrifice safety.

Mt. Pleasant Ut

"You can think better when you're warm and not shivering and shaking. I've been
out in midwinter -- particularly in directing traffic. You focus a lot on
being cold instead of doing your job. Anytime you're distracted, you're more
prone to making mistakes or overlooking something that's important. I hated
being cold."
-- Police Officer James

Mt. Pleasant Ut

"Fortress Clothing allows me to exert myself in the wilderness and sweat in the winter
time months, and not be concerned that I'm going to die of hypothermia,
versus cotton or any other type of material out there. Fortress Clothing
allows you to mitigate your body moisture, because even when it's wet, it
still heats me up, and I haven't found anything else that can even come
-- Prepper

Mt. Pleasant Ut

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
North Country Must Have!

I live in MN and love to get out running in the winter. At 13 degrees and 66% humidity I took the Base Pro for a test run tonight - and it was a huge success! Wore it over a basic inexpensive long sleeve shirt and thats it. No more layers! Gearing up for winter running is hard to measure - you either get too cold or too hot - but the Base Pro hit the spot! Not too tight and not too loose for me at 5’7” 160.

Will be getting the long sleeve 1/4 zip for those really cold days!

Greg Warburton
BasePro TEE

If you wear this BasePro TEE beware, you will not be getting cold at all, I haven't tried them below -0 yet, but anything above that temp you are covered!!!!

John Byrne
Another winner from Fortess Clothing

The BasePro Tee is light, very comfortable and very warm. I’m pleased that I bought it.

Mark Dirnberger
Great Baselayer

I just received my short sleeve base layer. Fits great, size large I am 5'10" and 175.
I have been wearing fortress clothing for several years, never fails to keep me warm and dry in very cold weather. Doesn't overheat when the temps warm up.

This Insulated TEE works and simplified layering!

I’ve loved this insulated tee, I hunt and participate in winter sports and this basepro TEE keeps me warm , and works even after I get wet or sweaty which has always been a huge downside of winter sports for me. Cold chills have always been the worst part of winter. so this is a game changer for me.