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BasePro 1/4 Zip
Greg Fitzgerald
BasePro was the bomb!

I recently used the BasePro 1/4 Zip, top and bottom, on summit night and for sleeping at night on Kilimanjaro. For the weight it was the smartest article of clothing I brought. Simply put, you get what you pay for! I can't wait to use it on other hikes, hunting, snowmobiling, skiing and especially ice fishing. Heck, I may even wear it around the house in the winter, it's like thermal pajamas on steroids. :)

Storm Bibs
Storm bibs sizing runs large

I wore my storm bibs for cutting invasive trees and shrubs this week. Very happy with how I was able to kneel in the snow and still stay warm and dry. On your ordering page, please put information about the circumference of the bibs at hip-level and waist-level because they are definitely bulky. Is there a way to have different inseam lengths? That will make them fit a lot better. I loved the many pockets. Had to change bulky gloves when they got wet but had an extra pair, a water bottle, and various handkerchiefs in various pockets. I was able to bike with the storm bibs but slimmer legs would have made biking easier (we have no car and I am going to be seriously happy wearing the storm bibs in the rain).

Love it!

This top works great. I have had two of my daughters use it. One is always cold and she said this time she stayed warm while tubing. The second is the one I mainly bought it for. It is for ice climbing and other winter activities. She really likes it, only wishing there was a smaller size, we bought the smallest available. Thank you for the great products!

Shadow Jacket

Items arrived on time
Very pleased with service

Glacier Jacket
John Stropparo
Great product.

No wind is getting through. It’s quite warm.

BasePro Pant
Ivan Morales

Best items ever… they need a bit of modification but over all good I run them on 15° weather on a motorcycle they did pass the test

BasePro 1/4 Zip
Mark Hartman
Great base layer

Love the performance only change I would prefer is to offer as a full zippered for easy on and off

Very warm

Very warm and comfortable. Very well made.

BasePro 1/4 Zip
Fer Sol
Great product

Very comfortable.I love it

Great jacket!

Warm, comfortable, well made and good looking!

Storm Coat
Holly Rogers
Five star rating

This jacket is amazing. I’ll never be cold again in sub zero!!!!

Storm Bibs
Five stars

Amazing product. I will definitely refer to others

Gave as a gift for Christmas…..loved it!

Storm Coat
Mark Wharton
Amazing coat

I love the Storm coat, it’s warmer than I expected it to be. I actually find my self unzipping it to release some heat. I’m going to order some more gear very soon.

BasePro Pant
BasePro pants warm even when wet

Have been wearing my new BasePro pants several days a week now in rain, sleet, and graupel in temperatures from 40°F to freezing. Am moving large rocks from all over my yard (the glaciers dumped all sorts) to make walls and walkways. Since I'm kneeling a lot, the knees of my old snowpants are getting soaked though daily. The knees of the BasePro pants underneath also get wet, but I don't get cold so can keep happily working for hours. And the The BasePro pants are dry by the next day so I can get back to work. Thanks for making such a cozy replacement for my old long underwear. I could have gotten a size or two smaller and still been comfortable.

Storm Coat
Storm Coat Purchase

This company is awesome. And their technical gear rocks! Do your business with these guys!

BasePro Pant
Jeffery Wood
Mail carrier up state ny

The clothing from here is awesome I have never been warmer 3 Coworkers bought it

BasePro Pant
Richard Rush
Mens Base Pro

These are warm and comfortable Price is a bit high but they do what they say.
The only Cons, no elastic in the waste, the string can get a bit uncomfortable, for men there is no male opening for relieving ones self.

BasePro 1/4 Zip
Brent Steele
Pay for what you get

This is not 20 degree clothing. This is -20 degree clothing, and even then, if youre really active youll want to untuck and unzip. I only use it for -30 or -20 and windy. Wash on gentle and never ever dry it. Youll ruin it.

Shadow Jacket
kathy roy
Great jacket

This jacket does a great job of keeping your temperature pretty constant so you can wear it even when you are working or exercising outside without getting super hot (or cold). It is my favorite jacket I own.

Ultra Light Vest
Nate Robinson
Great way to stay warm and mobile while hunting.

Love this product. I match it with the 1/4 ounce pants and top. I was outside walking yesterday in 2’ of snow 20* and this was my outfit. I walked 3-4 miles and never got cold I was pretty happy. I got the pants for my son and he won’t take them off long enough to wash. Back to the order board.

BasePro 1/4 Zip
Kirk Hayles
Even better than expected

Here in the UK we may not get quite the extremes of temperature as elsewhere in the world but it can get below zero centigrade quite often in the winter. I bought the 1/4 zip base layer top and I am quite frankly amazed. At this time of year, in our winter, if not raining I might wear 3 layers and a coat but I've been out today in just this one layer and it is fabulously warm and incredibly well made. If it's this warm with just a quarter inch of your insulation I can't wait to experience a coat with an inch of the stuff. You need an English distributor for sure as the competition for similar warmth is vastly more expensive over here.
ALSO - your customer service is outstanding - same day replies AND it took less time to get from he USA to the UK than when I order stuff from my own country. It arrived in 7 days - that's amazing!

Shadow Jacket
Eric Nakama
Good jacket

I like the jacket. I hope it loosens up a bit, it's quite stiff. I wish they still had the original hoodie!

Chad Schneider
Gloves are warm but need work

I received my gloves they kept me warm but they need
To put some more flexibility in the fingers they are stiff maybe the insulation does not permit the glove to be flexible other brands out there that I have that have better movement the customer service is excellent I would buy again from this company.


Sturdy and roomy storage case for your Fortress clothes (or other stuff). Very convenient way to store.

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