Everest Mitten


– 100% Taffeta Outer Shell/Water Proof/WindProof
– Conductive PU at palm and Fingers
– 100 % Polyester Mega Brushed Lining
Fortress uses a unique design; Using Patented AERIS 750 on the back of the hand, and AERIS 350 in the palm, keeps your hands warm and comfortable from -30°F to 50°F. * must be wearing fortress tops and bottoms for the gloves to reach lowest temps*
Wet or dry still maintains your heat and will continue to work all day.
Temperature Rating -25˚F to 50˚F 
The Mitten is constructed with a windproof waterproof material,
– Patented AERIS 350 (3/8” / 7mm of loft) and 750 (3/4” / 15mm of loft) Insulation Technology Maintains Warmth, Even When Wet

Customer Reviews

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Rex Haddock
Awesome Winter Clothing!

Order to delivery time was very short! Clothing fit well and is comfortable to wear! Bring on the cold!

Ryan George Banner

Everest Mitten

Everest Mitten - great for colder days skiing and snowboarding

I've had a pair of the Extreme Mittens for a couple years and they have worked well, even on soaking wet days on the slopes. Had a chance to try on a pair of the Everest Mittens and immediately felt the difference in strength and warmth. On the really cold days they have performed so well I never needed hand warmers.

Best mittens ever

Got these mittens for my wife.
I think it is the first time her hands have stayed warm EVER.

Very good, but can be improved

They're warm but the glove doesn't have any aeris insulation padding around the perimeter of the mitten and a very thin layer of aeris insulation on the palm of the mitten, but if they had as much aeris insulation padding around the entire mitten (everywhere) as much as they do on the back of the mitten then they would be much warmer. And I would prefer that the wrist strap be like the fortress glove with fingers rather then be a velcro closer because the nylon webbing lasts much longer then velcro does. Also the cord locks that are supposed to keep the cuff closed around your wrists when you pull on the shock cords, well the little spring in the cord locks are completely defective. So the cuff closure on both mittens will not work.
But none the less I'm very glad to have them in my bug out bag and I will attempt to fix them.
Edit: I took the cord locks apart and then with needle nose pliers I squeezed the plastic part that looks like an arrow at the bottom of the spring and that released the spring. Then I put the cord locks back together and now they both work just fine.

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