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Storm Coat

– 100% Polyester liner
– 100% Polyester Water Proof | Wind Proof durable shell 

– Patented AERIS 500 Insulation Technology in the body. (½” / 13mm of loft) & (1/4” 6mm of loft) insulation in the arms
Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Ray Wrobel
Love This Jacket!!! If you want to be warm buy one!

I have had this jacket for 1 year now. I live in Wisconsin and I like to be outside and ice fish and just be able to be warm when I'm doing it. I have tried everything, from layering, to down (to Hot) and everything in between. I found fortress and watched a few vids o youtube. I thought if they can jump in the water and still be warm while sitting there it should work for me. I ordered the whole 9 yards, base layer, jacket, bibs, socks and beanie. Best money I ever spent! I went out ice fishing in 2021 and it was about 20 degrees with a 5-7mph wind on the ice. I had the base layer on and an insulated sweatshirt. I was comfortable all day. I gave a pair of the socks to my friend who ice fishes with me. Fast forward to 2022. I was out in the deep freeze. I wore the parka and bibs with jeans and a shirt underneath. I was nice and warm. My friend who I gave the socks to was out with me. I asked him if he still had the socks. He looked at me and said "It's all I wear now!" I can't say enough good things about the product and believe me when I say it was cold here -50 below is cold. I wasn't though. Are you?

Holly Rogers
Five star rating

This jacket is amazing. I’ll never be cold again in sub zero!!!!

Mark Wharton
Amazing coat

I love the Storm coat, it’s warmer than I expected it to be. I actually find my self unzipping it to release some heat. I’m going to order some more gear very soon.

Storm Coat Purchase

This company is awesome. And their technical gear rocks! Do your business with these guys!

Warm and comfortable

Very warm and comfortable. Sturdy and well made. Excellent coat.

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