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BasePro Pant


-5˚F to 60˚F 
  1. Insulation: Patented AERIS™ 250 Insulation Technology (¼” / 6mm of loft) 
  2. BasePro Pants trap body heat close to the skin, Using the Patented insulation that maintains warmth, even when wet.
  3.  Design Allows For Full range of motion.
  4. Basepro pants have flatlock seams, which are sewn together in a way that reduces bulk and eliminates rubbing against the skin.
  5. Elastic waistband: provides a comfortable and secure fit. includes a drawstring or adjustable waistband to ensure a customized fit.
  6. Anti-odor properties: have anti-odor properties that prevent the growth of bacteria and the buildup of unpleasant smells
          94% Polyester / 6% Spandex 4 way Stretch 1 Sided Brushed Polyester
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
David Viola
Exceeded expectations in a polar vortex at -46F. Awesome base layers!

Outstanding base pants. Exceeded expectations as they kept me warm and comfy in the most recent polar vortex in Canada at -46F! As a Floridian I will never travel to a cold climate again without Fortress winterized clothing apparel. Not bulky and so comfortable. Do yourself a favor and buy Fortress. You will definitely not be disappointed.

Mark Davis
Extreme effective

These base pants, as well as base top, are amazingly effective in the coldest weather. Minus 17 was not match for this tech. Wicks moisture great and temp swings of 40+ remain comfortable.

Never have been warmer in the winter with just two layers on

I finally was able to test the base pro pants and shirt this winter and man what an incredible combo. I took these winter camping with me and wore a regular layer over them (cargo pants and a light sweater).

It was 30 degrees and I was driving with the windows down lol (Keep in mind I get cold easily). I arrived to the campsite and was keeping semi active, cutting timber and setting up camp but stayed warm the whole time with just these two layers on. I actually was able to take off my gloves which I can usually never do because my hands get cold so easily.

Sleeping bag temp was perfect just wearing the base layer. Was actually too warm trying to keep my sweater on (This was about 10 degrees F at this point). Just in the tent and outside of the bag, it was pretty bearable with just the base layer on. Maybe a blanket or my shell layer would of been needed if I wanted to stay out of my sleeping bag for a while.

So yeah, I would go ahead and buy these if you are on the edge of deciding. They pretty much kept me warm until the temperature dropped and the wind started to pick up. I probably could of continued the night with just these on and a wind proof layer.

Robert Vopelak
Keeping Me Warm

Tried these out and put them on fit well. Went outside stood out in the cold North Dakota wind and snow and stayed warm, Oh my these will be great this winter. Why didn't I get these years ago.

lisa mcdonald
Best base pant

I love this base pant, I'm in alaska in some good cold weather and they kept my legs nice and warm. I can't wait to test out them wet in the winter to see how they will do.

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