Frequently Asked Questions (HOW TO)

How to Wear?
Simply wear for your desired Activity (check product for Temp rating)
Layering with basepro:
BasePro + Winter shell -5˚F to 60˚F
Basepro's + Glacier or Shadow jacket:  -20˚F to 50˚F 
Basepro's + Tundra or Storm: -30˚F to 45˚F 
Basepro's + Vest + any Jacket: -40˚F to 40˚F
How thick is it?
Jackets are made with 1/4 or 1/2'' AERIS insulation:
BasePro: made with 1/4" insulation
Mixed: 1/2" body 1/4" arms = Tundra & Storm
Not mixed 1/4" Glacier & Shadow jacket
Vest = 1/4" 
How do i layer with fortress Products?
We focus on a 1-2 layer system, and make sure that we have all the options to ensure that you don't need more than (2 layers) all the way down to -50˚F
Examples.BasePro + Winter shell -5˚F to 60˚F
BasePro series +  Storm coat and bibs -50˚F - 45˚F
BasePro series + glacier or shadow jacket -20˚F - 55˚F
BasePro series + tundra jacket -30˚F to 60˚F
What does it compare to?
The only other insulation or warming agent on the market that can compare to Aeris is wool, Aeris is more light-weight dries quicker, more efficient when wet or dry.
Made with the most efficient insulation so you don't have to worry about moisture
Fortress Strong
We make work and play easier since you won't be fighting to stay warm